Spicing up Leicester

Taste, like smell, is such a powerful sense that it can be used to evoke new images of distant lands and the places where so many exotic spices have grown. When we try a new flavour, we are tasting the rich history of the land it came from and the distance it has travelled to our shores.


Some flavours are just so evocative, the sharp bite of ginger and hot cayenne pepper carry with it the scent memories of the heat of India. Or the sharp crisp flavour of coriander, lime and mint, found in our raita, that snaps into focus the fresh clear air of Pakistani mountains.


It is these flavour snapshots from the east that we bring to each and every dish. Our recipes, handed down through generations hold the scent memories of distant lands, the pristine white beaches of southern India to the beautifully rugged mountains of the north, each have their own distinct dishes and flavours.


The spice trail that connects the east to the west is still found in the glorious food that has come to Leicester. This city, of all Great Britain’s cities has taken integration to its heart and it has given back some of the most fantastic taste experiences.


At our restaurant, we don’t just make a great curry, we make food that has taken lifetimes to perfect, we bring the traditional, authentic food from these places across the sea, to you in Leicester. For you to enjoy with us and be a part of our family here at Paddy’s Marten Inn.


For our next series of blogs, we are going to be looking in depth at the wonderful spices that go in to our delicious dhaba food, where they came from and how they can help you add zing to your cooking.