5000 to 1

What an exciting build up to the premier league this has been! With 5000 to 1 odds of Leicester city winning the title, it just goes to show that you can’t keep a good fox down!


There have been more than a few reports about things that were officially more likely to happen than the Foxes win, like Sir Alex Ferguson to win strictly come dancing (1000/1) or Simon Cowell to be the next Prime Minister (500/1).


With odd’s like 5000/1 it just goes to show that with a lot of hard work and a little faith you can achieve the seemingly impossible. The tenacity that LCFC displayed to achieve such an unbelievable win, is the same spirit that we at Paddy’s Marten Inn have got too! Since we started our restaurant twenty years ago, we have constantly been striving to make the best curries and be the best curry house in all of Leicester!


The blue army has done so well to make all of Leicester proud, along with the discovery of King Richard the Third, Leicester is now well and truly on the map! News outlets across the world from Australia to America were reporting on this astonishing result, letting the spotlight shine on Leicester we got to show our true colours. A great city, the UK’s most diverse city with the best integration. Our vibrancy, our passion our community spirit, all displayed in our great football team.


LCFC have made us proud and we’re proud to take up the banner of being the best Leicester has to offer, after all the hard work the foxes have given us, we want to prove to the world that Leicester is the place to be, and the best place to get the best curry is right here in Paddy’s Marten Inn.


There’s been a nonstop party in the city since the Chelsea v Tottenham match, between the LCFC win and the weather finally warming up, there really isn’t a better time to come down to our restaurant and help us celebrate!

We’re #havingaparty, come join us!

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